Buyer Commission Rebate Disclaimer

John McNair & Associates Buyer’s Agent Fee

Buyers have the option to:

(1) Receive the full 20% rebate as a credit at Closing

(2) Use the rebate towards merchandise available through John McNair & Associates, or listed on our website. Our buyer clients receive a special code which gives them access to exclusive pricing to home merchandise on Remaining unused rebate funds will then be issued to Buyer as a credit at Closing. 

Buyer’s agent fee subject to change. Minimum buyer’s agent commission must meet or exceed 2% of sale price or $2000 (whichever is greater) before deal is eligible for a 20% buyer’s agent commission rebate. Selected merchandise will be ordered for clients upon Closing. Buyer receipt/ actual delivery of merchandise may take up to several weeks after Closing (depending on supplier availability). We will make best efforts to ensure timely delivery of any merchandise selected, but make no guarantees on specific delivery dates. Merchandise prices displayed on do not include sales tax + freight/ shipping charges. Once a buyer selects merchandise they are interested in, we will complete a final quote with shipping charges. If the final quote amount exceeds the buyer rebate amount, the buyer client will be responsible for the difference, and we will submit an invoice to be paid before your merchandise can be delivered.

The buyer’s agent commission rebate is subject to lender approval, and must be disclosed to all parties in the transaction. The buyer’s lender or other parties to the transaction may not allow buyer to receive a rebate, and John McNair & Associates cannot guarantee that all lenders will allow a rebate of buyer agent commission. John McNair & Associates highly recommends that buyers discuss the rebate with their lenders and other parties to the transaction well in advance. Unless agreed to in writing by John McNair & Associates, we will only issue a refund or rebate to the person(s) and/or entity listed on the settlement statement at the closing of a transaction, regardless of whether such person(s) and/or entity are the buyer. Subject to these limitations and where allowed, the buyer agent commission rebate can be provided at or after closing. Buyer agent commission rebate is available on residential 1 to 4 family (new or resale) and unavailable on homes purchased as a short sale, or if John McNair & Associates is prohibited from distributing the buyer agent commission rebate. Buyer clients has been advised to consult a certified public accountant or tax attorney as to tax questions, such as whether the rebate must be reported to the IRS as income.