The Home Buying Process

Find a home, Purchase and Accessorize.

We help you do it all.


John McNair & Associates aims to simplify the home buying process for our clients. We’ve built a new concierge buying experience to take the stress out of buying your next home and settling in. While most real estate agents assist their clients from point A to point B in a transaction, we go further – helping you get from point A to point Z.

Step 1:    Identify Your Next Home


Schedule your initial appointment with a John McNair & Associates agent by clicking here.  For your convenience, you can arrange either a virtual or in-person consultation. During the consultation we will work with you to determine what unique home features you’re looking for and understand your goals. Once we have and understanding of your criteria, we create an automatic home search that will send you an automatic notification the moment a new property hits the market with your criteria. We work with you to continually fine-tune the search and create a targeted list of properties to view.

Step 2:   View Homes On Your List

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to several properties you’d like to view – we’ll arrange either a virtual or in-person showing to fit your schedule. Depending on your comfort level we can:

  1. Go to the property and film it for you to view to view at your leisure on your personal device – laptop, phone etc.
  2. Livestream the showing through either Zoom or Facetime. Use 
  3. We can unlock the home and wait outside while you view the property at your own pace.
  4. Full service showing – our agents wear a mask and accompany you throughout your property tour, while maintaining social distancing.

Step 3: Write An Offer

Our skilled agents will evaluate comparable sales and recommend an offer based upon the condition of the property and your goals. We will work to negotiate favorable terms for our clients. Signing and initialing your offer can be done electronically through a third party signing service. 

Step 4:  Contract Acceptance & Inspection

When the seller accepts your contract, we work with you to schedule an inspection. Typically, we recommend buyers attend the inspection – but during the pandemic, we are happy to offer virtual inspections. We can attend the inspection, and film a summary of the inspector’s findings and report. This video can either be livestreamed or recorded – so that you can view it on your own schedule. 

Step 5:   Use Your John McNair & Associates Client Perks

John McNair & Associates clients receive access to exclusive pricing on thousands of home products from lighting, landscaping, decor, furniture, fixtures, hardware and more. Many buyers like to update a home with their style upon move-in. We simply the process by being a one-stop resource for all things home related:

  • Lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Wallcovering
  • Hardware
  • Mirrors
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Decor
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Flooring
  • Bath Remodeling

 We have an extensive network of partner contractors that will work hard to complete any project prior to your move-in. 


Here’s a few case studies to help show the value of using a John McNair & Associates agent to buy your next home:


Case Study #1:        We Provided Wholesale Pricing On Instant Landscaping For Privacy

A John McNair & Associates REALTOR and her buyer client were out looking at homes. The buyer fell in love with a particular property, but wanted privacy from a new home being built next door. The John McNair & Associates REALTOR was able to help by:


  •  Offering wholesale pricing on the installation of four giant 45 gallon xylosma bushes immediately after closing for just under a thousand dollars.
  • Negotiating a seller concession to cover the discounted landscaping


Case Study #2:      We Provided Wholesale Pricing On Lighting & Flooring Installation

John McNair & Associates REALTOR and his investor client were viewing properties to purchase as a rental. He settled on a property that had old brass light fixtures and parquet floors. John McNair & Associates provided the investor client access to our extensive home-goods manufacturer network, and we were able to source and install new lighting and flooring at a price lower than anywhere.


Case Study #3:      Turn-Key Home/ Instant Home Services

An international John McNair & Associates client was moving into the San Antonio area and needed a fully-furnished, complete home. The client didn’t have time to shop at big box stores on the weekend, or deal with countless contractors to achieve his goals. John McNair & Associates helped the client purchase the home, quickly remodel the kitchen and two bathrooms, furnish the home completely all prior to the client moving in.